Animation | Transparent Heart

Recorded in Bill Laswell’s Orange Studios in New Jersey, Transparent Heart is the first studio recording by Animation in over a decade. A heartfelt and intense byopic of Manhattan by Jazz “Spiderman” Bob Belden, Transparent Heart sees Animation sport its new formation with Pete Clagett on trumpet, Jacob Smith on bass, Roberto Verastegui in keyboards and Matt Young on drums.

Animation | Agemo

Agemo, the deity of transformation, gives its name to the second release of Animation on RareNoiseRecords. Agemo is composed of two CDs : CD 1: Animation’s Asiento as a new 3D60 Mix for 3D Headphone experience. CD 2: sees Bill Laswell, DJ Logic, Youth, Gaudi, Fanu and Joe Claussell Remix each of the tracks of the original Asiento (itself an interpretation of Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew).

Animation | Asiento

Twice Grammy-nominated Animation (Bob Belden, Tim Hagans, Scott Kinsey, Matt Garrison, DJ Logic and Guy Licata) re-invent electric Miles Davis’ defining work, Bitches Brew.


Re-Animation : Live In Montreal

Anyone who thought that Tim Hagans’s freewheeling 1999 release, Animation/Imagination was primarily a studio creation will be pleasantly surprised with that album’s live follow-up: Re-Animation: Live in Montreal. Where the original Animation thrust the usually bebop-identified trumpeter into an improv-heavy setting that relied on preprogrammed drum loops and textures courtesy of several drum & bass DJs, the new live recording by the core of musicians who recorded that album ups the ante even further.

Animation : Imagination

Hagans’s record  recalls Miles’s and Ornette’s landmarks in the genuinely new soundscapes he brings to jazz. That’s due in large part to the considerable contribution of producer Bob Belden — who, significantly, is supervising the reissue of Miles’s electric sides and, like, Teo Macero, a most ambidextrously talented musician himself. The creative effort, only merely enhanced by Hagan’s tremendous facility as a trumpeter (especially notable when he’s not muted, as on “Trumpet Sandwich”), is invested in the perplexing and often deep-groove soundscapes he and Belden conjure.